7 Best Chicken Wings in Shanghai

Where to find some finger lickin’ good Chicken Wings in Shanghai

Another one of our comfort food favorites: chicken wings. Here are some of the best “American-style” chicken wings we’ve tried in Shanghai. Lord knows Korean chicken wings is a whole other ball game.

Al’s Diner

Purveyors of American comfort food Al’s Diner does an intensely satisfying version. Six Asian-inspired wings (RMB55) are coated with your choice of honey sriracha or garlic teriyaki sauce and a generous serving of slaw. (We prefer the honey sriracha for its creeping heat.) The sauce caramelizes to a sweet crisp, keeping your tastebuds happy and your fingers relatively clean. Go on a Thursday for RMB10 Kirin drafts with each order.

Address: 204 Xinle Lu (near Donghu Lu)

Captain Rooster

These wings get an extra boost from the addition of a surprise ingredient—vodka—in the batter. Because booze evaporates faster than water, the alcohol keeps the batter brown and crisy without drying out the juicy meat. Side sauces include spicy and tangy buffalo sauce for dipping. Order the wings combo (RMB75) for six wings, two sauces, Mexican corn on the cob and your choice of fries. Add RMB10 extra for blue cheese dip.

Address: 75 Changshu Lu (near Julu Lu)

Boxing Cat Brewery

Not only does Boxing Cat have yummy wings, they do them three different ways. We quite enjoyed the new Korean style fried chicken wings and pickles (RMB60). The wings had a light and puffy golden batter with sriracha aioli and sweet garlic dipping sauces and the pickles offset the richness. They also do a great buffalo style called “fists of fury,” or sesame glazed wings for fans of sweet sauce both RMB75 for 12 wings.

Address: 82 Fuxing Xi Lu (near Yongfu Lu)

Union Trading Company

They have some fantastically tasty bar snacks at Union Trading Company to go with the well-balanced drinks they mix up and their “token chicken wings” (RMB54) are no exception. They are adorable crunchy lollipops of full of strong flavors from a spicy chili sauce and a blue cheese fondue sauce.

Address: 64 Fengyang Lu (near Fuxing Zhong Lu)

Hello Miss Dong

The Shrimp Paste Chicken Wings (RMB38) at Hello Miss Dong are marinated with its namesake batter. The wings are split in two, which allows for more crispy umami-rich batter to form around them, and makes these juicy morsels easier to eat.

Address: 78 Yongkang Lu (near Xiangyang Nan Lu)

Tap House

The Taixing Lu Taphouse location has recently added a number of smoked meats to their menu and wings (RMB45) is one of the new options. They marinate the wings in Brooklyn beer before putting in the smoker with applewood chips then serving up with a spicy sauce and blue cheese dip. The sauce is sticky, gooey good fun and the meat has a distinct smokiness.

Address: Building C, 99 Taixing Lu (near Wujiang Lu)

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