The Best Breakfast Burritos in Shanghai

Shanghai’s best breakfast burritos come with eggs, bacon and all the trimmings. We tried eight breakfast burritos and tried our best to rank them by best value and taste. Here’s a list for your brunch/breakfast noshing. KABB This neat, medium-sized breakfast burrito (RMB60) is stuffed with fluffy scrambled eggs, white sausage, sautéed bell peppers, beans … Read more

Desserts in Shanghai: Chikalicious

Famous desserts from New York City in Xintiandi Dessert lovers have been anticipating Chikalicious, which just opened in Xintiandi, for a long time. However, Shanghai sweetlovers will find that this NYC import’s three-course prix fixe (RMB188) is even more expensive than the US flagship, where dessert sets cost just US$16 (RMB105). Is the markup worth … Read more