Best Rooftop Bars in Shanghai

Some might say summer nights are best spent enjoying a cool breeze surrounded by an amazing view. That is why we’ve put together a list of the best rooftop bars in Shanghai for you. Whether you’re looking to rub shoulders with the city’s most fashionable partygoers, or just enjoy a chilled beverage with a view, we’ve got you covered with some top-tier recommendations.

Bar Rouge

Bar Rouge is your quintessential Shanghai bar. Some might find it pretentious, but if you’re looking to sip cocktails against a classic terrace view of the Lujiazui skyline, this is the place to be. Regularly listed as one of the “Best Bars in the World,” Bar Rouge combines sleek modern decor with traditional Chinese design, while house and electro can be heard throughout the night. With all that it has to offer, be prepared to spend, as drinks hover around the RMB90 mark, with an RMB100 entrance fee to boot.

Address: 7/F, 18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu (near Nanjing Dong Lu) 中山东一路18号外滩18号7楼 (近南京东路)
Tel: 6339-1199

Sir Elly’s Terrace Rooftop Bar

Not quite a 360-degree view, but stunning nonetheless, Sir Elly’s Terrace provides you with amazing views of the Huangpu River, the Pudong skyline, and Suzhou Creek. Enjoy drinks and light tapas with the Shanghai sunset as your backdrop and Mediterranean-themed music from 7pm to midnight every Tuesday through Saturday. Enjoy European fine dining at their restaurant counterpart, located just a floor below the bar.

Address: 13/F, 32 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu (near Beijing Dong Lu) 中山东一路32号13楼 (近北京东路)
Tel: 2327-6756

TOPS at Banyan Tree on the Bund

Looking for something on the classier side? TOPS at Banyan Tree on The Bund has got you covered. Located on the Hongkou side of the river, the views are just as awe-inspiring as any. The rooftop terrace boasts unobstructed views of a number of rivers and skylines. Drinks are priced around the RMB80 mark, RMB150 if you’re into champagne cocktails. Alternatively, you could also stop by for afternoon tea, while at night, they have a small tapas menu.

Address: 13/F, 19 Gongping Lu (near Haiping Lu) 公平路19号13楼 (近海平路)
Tel: 2509-1188

CHAR Bar (Hotel Indigo Shanghai on the Bund)

Located atop Hotel Indigo Shanghai on the Bund, CHAR Bar has also made its way on many “best of” lists. Start your night off basking in the neon and white lights of the chic decor as you enjoy a panoramic view of the Huangpu River and Pudong skyline as cruise boats float in the water. Known for its steaks, Char offers imported beef from Australia grilled with bold flavors. Enjoy some cool house music along with their signature cocktails, the CHAR-tini and CHAR Mojito.

Address: 30/F, Hotel Indigo, 585 Zhongshan Dong Er Lu (near Dongmen Lu) 中山东三路585号30楼 (近东门路)
Tel: 3302-9995


Featuring more than 130 outdoor seats and split-level views of Shanghai’s skyline, Flair is the perfect place to bring out-of-town guests. Located at the top of the Ritz Carlton Shanghai Pudong, this 58th story luxurious bar brings you up close and personal to Shanghai’s iconic Pearl Tower. Enjoy some light fusion tapas and drinks as you soak in the classiness of this bar. With all that Flair has to offer, it’s no wonder the prices are also sky high.

Address: 58/F, Shanghai IFC, 8 Century Avenue (near Lujiazui Huan Lu) 世纪大道8号58楼上海国金中心 (近陆家嘴环路)
Tel: 2020-1717


No overt feelings of grandeur here with the sketchy elevator that hoists you up, but what this French bar lacks in first impressions, it delivers on its décor and aesthetics once you reach the 5th floor. Complete with exposed bricks and wooden flooring, Kartel serves up affordably priced drinks, most around RMB60 and from 6-8pm, enjoy an exquisite selection of wines for RMB25. Finally, the view overlooking the former French Concession isn’t too shabby either.

Address: 5/F, 1 Xiangyang Lu (near Julu Lu) 襄阳北路1号5楼 (近巨鹿路)
Tel: 5404-2899

The Fellas Terrace

Formerly known as Shen, The Fellas Terrace is an Italian restaurant and rooftop bar operated by the people that brought you Goodfellas, a chic Italian restaurant. Featuring a wraparound terrace that gives you a magical riverside view of Shanghai, this bar is perfect for vacationers looking to get a taste of what Shanghai nightlife has to offer. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere by pairing good drinks and tasty pizza fresh out of the oven. Their signature drink, the “Chinglish,” priced at RMB88, is perfect for those who are in search of a light cocktail with a citrus finish.

Address: 7/F, 7 Yan’an Dong Lu (near Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu) 黄浦区延安东路7号7楼 (近中山东一路)
Tel: 6316-9199

JZ Lounge

With a live band and dancers performing every night, JZ Lounge is perfect for jazz and Latin music lovers alike. Located on the top floor of the Renaissance Shanghai Yu Garden Hotel, this rooftop bar offers an alternative to your regular Shanghai skyline view, instead featuring winding streets and old Shanghai lane houses. The venue also hosts dance events and classes monthly.

Address: 22-23/F, Renaissance Shanghai Yu Garden, 159 Henan Nan Lu (near Fuyou Lu) 河南南路159号豫园万丽大酒店22-23楼 (近福佑路)
Tel: 2321-8888


Located on the 32nd and 33rd floor of Hyatt on the Bund, VUE offers the best of both worlds with panoramic views of the Lujiazui skyline and the Bund on the Puxi side. With its huge terrace, this bar is a great place to bring friends and colleagues to enjoy some great cocktails. The outdoor area on the 33rd floor features daybed loungers and a spectacular marble Jacuzzi creating just the place to relax. Entry is RMB100 for non-hotel guests, which includes your first drink.

Address: 32-33/F, West Tower, Hyatt on the Bund, 199 Huangpu Lu (near Wuchang Lu) 黄埔路上海外滩茂悦大酒店西楼32-33楼 (近武昌路)
Tel: 6393-1234

The Roof at Waterhouse

The Waterhouse is one of the most design worthy accommodations in Shanghai and is worth a visit if you’re in the nearby Old Town neighborhood. Located south of the Bund, The Waterhouse also has a rooftop terrace, aptly named, The Roof. The expansive terrace sports gorgeous views of the Huangpu River and the Pudong skyline. Along with the cocktails on offer, they also serve a menu of Spanish-influenced small plates.

Address: 5/F The Waterhouse, 1-3 Maojiayuan Lu (near Zhongshan Nan Lu) 毛家园路1-3号 (近中山南路)
Tel: 6080-2928

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