Shanghai Headlice and Cooties…really ?

Gone are the days when head lice were presumed to be exclusively the problem of dirty children and lower-class families. These days it is fairly common knowledge that this can be a common problem for all of us, not just children. These tiny bugs aren’t selective, they will infect anyone, but they can be treated. … Read more

China Company Set up: Representative Office or WFOE, that’s the question

Many foreign companies which are interested in the investment to mainland China are often faced with such a question – to set a foreign representative office or a wholly-owned foreign company? Which way is suitable for the status quo of the company? l Representative office (hereinafter referred to as “RO”) l Wholly-owned foreign (commercial) company … Read more

Shanghai Apartment Rental Negotiations

Even if you have an agent it is still a good idea to be able to negotiate your way through your own lease negotiations. These points below cover the basic items that you will need to cover before signing your lease. Landlord/Developer – Find out if the property is owned by a Developer or Private … Read more

Shanghai Health: Blood Pressure, How Low Should You Go?

Despite the progress made in treatment and prevention, hypertension affects over one billion people globally. It has been known for decades as the ‘silent killer’ and is one of the leading risk factors for coronary heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure. Its overall prevalence in the populations of United States, Europe, and China is approximately … Read more

Mens Health in Shanghai

Living in Shanghai is a real challenge: men have to perform outstandingly well at the office, work for long hours handling business across different time zones, be constantly reachable on their smart phones yet still spend time with their families, and try to enjoy the little free time there is left – whilst still getting … Read more