Jiahui Health Shanghai – One of the Best Hospitals for Expats in Shanghai

As an expat living in China, you may be searching for a hospital that provides optimal care that meets international standards, at an affordable price – this may be especially true if you’re pregnant and looking for a trusted hospital to deliver your precious bundle of joy. Jiahui Health has built a new international hospital in Shanghai’s Xuhui District that, as their marketing brochure states: provides patients with exemplary care, using an automated clinic management system, making them an attractive healthcare option for expats living in Shanghai.

4 Reasons to Choose Jiahui Health Shanghai

Affordable Premium Patient Care
The services offered at Jiahui Health Shanghai are organized methodically, allowing their team of healthcare providers to solely focus on affordable, top-of-the-line, patient care instead of tiresome, administrative duties. This is achieved by automating the scheduling, billing, and patient-tracking processes.

Case in point – the newly opened Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology has a Maternity Center that presents a nurturing, family-focused experience. The 4 for 1 model at Jiahui Health Shanghai ensures that an obstetrician, anesthesiologist, midwife, and pediatrician are present for every delivery. This model of care ensures safety, compassion, comfort, and expertise, all while taking your needs and preferences into account.

Mothers-to-be also receive support from a team of multidisciplinary professionals including dermatologists, nutritionists, and psychologists – to name but a few. What’s more? Aside from round-the-clock quality care of patients, the prices at Jiahui Health Shanghai are cheaper in comparison to other hospitals for expats in Shanghai. For example, a mother-to-be will only have to part with approximately CNY 600 to reserve an appointment with their top dermatologist.

Safety in Comfort
No expense has been spared in making your stay at Jiahui Health Shanghai as safe, and comfortable, as possible. Jiahui Health Shanghai is the only private international hospital in Shanghai that supersedes the predefined international standards for not only professionalism, but also safety and comfort.

For example, the Maternity Center packs eight Labor and Delivery Rooms (LDRs) and two high-tech C-section operating rooms, offering a safe and comfortable environment for your labor and delivery. They also have exclusive postpartum suites for those that wish for a more private, and unforgettable, birthing experience.

  1. Simplified Workflows means Quality Care
    In a rapidly changing dynamic care environment, streamlined workflows and enhanced levels of professional efficiency have a direct impact on patient flow and treatment outcomes.

A standardized system ensures that the healthcare professionals at Jiahui Health Shanghai maintain their peak performance levels and minimize avoidable errors and redundancies. With staff operations running smoothly, wait times are drastically reduced.

Jiahui Health Shanghai also has a platform that consists of monitoring and reporting abilities. That means that the healthcare professionals are capable of identifying issues early, which helps them to troubleshoot and be proactive with your healthcare, which optimizes treatment outcomes.

Quicker Reimbursements
As a patient, you want a first-class hospital with a streamlined payment process. Jiahui Health Shanghai makes use of a contemporary medical management system that makes breezing past the payment process a reality.

Jiahui Health Shanghai’s medical management system is capable of verifying your health insurance eligibility as soon as you schedule an appointment. This platform also presents their billers with crucial access to your records and reports. They can search instantaneously to help you address queries and fill in vital gaps in your claims information. With such point-and-click access, the entire reimbursement process is greatly expedited to avoid costly delays.

As China’s healthcare system continues to evolve, more and more private international hospitals in Shanghai will have to adopt value-based medical care models to increase access to affordable healthcare. Jiahui Health Shanghai has already achieved this – their innovative clinic management system and treatment models, such as the 4 for 1 model in their Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, provide their patients with superior and affordable healthcare.

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