The Milkshake Bar: Insane Milkshakes, Killer Wings and a Brisket Sandwich

If there’s one thing that Charles Zeng (Charlie’s Burger) knows how to do well, it’s American comfort eats that’ll put you in a food coma before you can say milkshake.

Located a couple doors down from Charlie’s on Changshu Lu, replacing the former Captain Rooster is The Milkshake Bar. As the name suggests, their main objective is to serve milkshakes. If you haven’t yet seen these crazy shakes, be prepared, for they are bordering on insane.

Each shake (RMB55-65 each) comes with its own decorative theme. And it’s very extra. Here’s an example: the Cucumber and Avocado shake comes with a moon pie, chocolate rings, chocolate chips running halfway down the exterior of the glass and a cheese stick for a straw. Some shakes will come with a sparkler, to be lit upon arrival at your table. Other shakes are similar. They do some specialty shakes too, like the Red Velvet (RMB95), topped with an entire slice of cake. Good luck finishing that. The cake we had was excellent, however, we’ve heard that there have been some recent changes that influenced the quality of said cake.

If milkshakes aren’t your thing, we also recommend three other heavy hitters.

Top of our list is the Sichuan Wings (RMB75), served with ranch sauce to dip. These bad boys come crusted in a thin Sichuan peppercorn spiced batter and are finger licking good. The spice level is mild but it lends its fragrance to the meat.

Another is the Bacon & Blue Burger (RMB95) served on Charlie’s original sweet square buns. It comes with crispy rashers of American bacon and a layering of blue cheese. That’s right. Enjoy it while you can. It comes with salad or fries. Obviously, go for the latter.

And there’s Charlie’s Favorite Brisket Sandwich (RMB75) stacked with tender cubes of slow-cooked beef brisket, fresh avocado, fried egg and cheese, served with waffle fries. It’s a solid sandwich that takes infallible ingredients and puts them in between two slices of bread.

There’s only so much one human being is meant to ingest in one sitting. And The Milkshake Bar certainly pushes that limit. The milkshakes are a bit much for us, but those wings will definitely have us back again.

Address: 75 Changshu Lu (near Julu Lu) 常熟路75号 (近巨鹿路)

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